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Blackpool's families, children and young people are at the heart of everything we do. Our 'Blackpool Families Rock' model of practice has been co-produced with children, young people, families and foster carers who have experienced our services.

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The co-production group developed a set of practice principles, using a social pedagogy methodology; Head, Heart and Hands. The practice principals describe how our families and communities want Blackpool's partnership agencies to 'work with them,' in terms of our core beliefs (head), the values we hold (heart) and the way we practice and behave (hands).

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Heart | how we behave

  • We are inclusive

  • We build trusted relationships

  • We are respectful

  • We are kind

  • We encourage our families to be brave with us

  • We are positive

  • We are realistic

  • We are honest

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Hand | how we work

  • We work restoratively and balance our families' strengths with what we are worried about

  • We help families to develop tailored solutions

  • We work with children and families, we do not do things to them

  • We encourage our children and families to be aspirational

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Head | how we think

  • We work with families to assess and understand, analyse impact and outcomes and are objective

  • We do not judge

  • We work collaboratively with others, sharing information in the right way, at the right time to ensure the best outcome for families

  • We empathise and recognise the impact of trauma

  • We believe in families

Our approach when we work with children and families is:

Creating trusting and honest relationships with families...

To improve and repair relationships within families and communities.

Working as a ‘Systemic solution focused family’ at 3 levels;