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Awaken exploitation team

The awaken team is our exploitation and missing from home service, a multi-agency team who work together to reduce the prevalence and impact of child exploitation in Blackpool.

Strengthening and supporting families team

Social workers in our strengthening and supporting families teams support children and their families via Child in Need Plans, Child Protection Plans and Public Law Outline (PLO) Pre-Proceedings.

Workers have the opportunity to develop trusted relationships with children and their families.

Supporting children with complex needs team

Social workers within this team support children who have a disability and their families through Child in Need Plans, Child Protection Plans, PLO Pre-Proceedings and Care Proceedings, and continue to support children in our care who have a disability. 

The team work closely with specialist partnership agencies and adult services to ensure children who have a disability are supported throughout their childhood and have a smooth and positive transition into adulthood.

The team can also work with children and their families to support them to access a short breaks package where suitable; and work closely with colleagues in our Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) service with regards to education, health and care plans.